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Mach Number
Mach Technique
Mackinaw Boat
Magazine Vessel
Magnetic Levitation
Mail Revenue
Main Deck
Main Heating Fuel
Main Rotor
Main Stem
Main Track
Maintenance Contr...Maintenance1
Major Alteration
Major Carrier Group
Major Fuel
Major Interstate ...Major Repair
Major River
Make Short Approach
Make Up Tow
Mandatory Altitude
Mandatory Use Sea...Maneuver Boat
Manifold Pressure
Manner of Collision
Manual Interlocking
Manual Restraint ...
Manufacturer Iden...Marina
Marine Cargo Hand...Marine Pollutant
Marine Sanitation...
Marine Terminal
Marine Terminal O...Maritime Administ...
Maritime Carrier
Maritime Revenue
Mark Twain
Marked Channel
Marker Beacon
Marketed Production
Mass Transit
Mass Transportation
Mass Transportati...
Material Handling
Material Handling...Maxi-Cube Vehicle
Maximum Extent Pr...Maximum High Wate...May Day
Means of Transpor...Measurement Ton
Median Category
Median Included
Median Not Included
Medium Air Traffi...Medium or Heavy T...Medium Regional C...
Medium Size Bus
Medium Speed
Megawatt Electric
Meteorological Im...Meter Fix Slot Time
Metered Data
Metering Airports
Metering Fix
Metric Ton
Metropolitan Plan...Metropolitan Plan...
Metropolitan Plan...Metropolitan Rail...Metropolitan Stat...
Metropolitan Status
Mexican Overdrive...

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